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How to place a multi bet? 7 unique tips

This is a true story that was a minute away from ending very well. I seem to remember it was 2005 or 2006. I know, you’ll think that’s the prehistory of sports betting. You might be right. But back then I used to do a 12 match combination bet every weekend. I didn’t bet much money, $5 at most, but the winnings promised to be very large. Anyway, as expected, I didn’t get it right. I went through the statistics of the main leagues, I looked for the best markets… but there was always something that made me fail in my promising combined bets. Until that weekend…

I don’t remember exactly the possible winnings, but the amount was very high… And I was a minute away from winning. I had it all right, but there was one game to go. From the Eredivisie, although I can’t remember which one it was (I’ve already told you that this story is real, and in the real world, memory is not perfect). Just imagine. My team was winning and the game was in stoppage time. Corner against, the visiting goalkeeper goes up to shoot… And he shoots. And he shoots. Goal, draw… and my bet in the bin. That was my last combined bet of 12 results. Since then I’ve changed tactics and it’s worked out better for me, actually.

We all like the prizes that we can win with the combined sports bets, that can’t be denied, but: how do you make a good combined bet? Is there any infallible method? No, but there are a few tips that can increase your chances. Actually, if you want to be always up to date with the best tips for your bets, you shouldn’t miss our specific betting tips section. I assure you that you will learn many sports betting tips. And this other post is a must if you want to learn how to win with sports betting in general.

But let’s get down to business: Will you join us now in our learning how to avoid mistakes when you consider the combined bets for today? Ah! And if you want to start practicing, every day you have a multitude of events in which you can do it. All you have to do is check our daily Bets of the Day section and choose the events you like the most to form your accumulator bet.

7 tips for your accumulator bet

multi betting tips
  • Five selections are perfect for your accumulator bets

We know that you are a cracker and that there is no championship that you can’t win, but you have to think that not everything is rosemary. There are more surprises than you think, and the more games you add to your pool, the more chances you have of getting one of them. On the other hand, we are not going to fool ourselves, the objective of making a combined bet is to get more profit playing less money, so we will have to look for the middle ground.

Most of the betting websites allow us to make combinations of up to 12 results, but the probability of being right is minimal, so let’s try to show our expertise with 4 or 5 games… This will provide us with remarkable odds with an acceptable level of risk.

5 is a good number for a pool. It gives us a good odds and it is not an excessive number of events.

  • Odds are key

When I was a kid my mother used to scold me for eating with my eyes. I would see macaroni and tomato and I wanted a plate full to the brim, even though it was impossible for me to eat it all… This is the same.

As we add more games to our pool, we see how the odds increase exponentially and, of course, we get greedy. We want more, more and more, my tesssoooroooo!!! We already have a odds of 15.00, but if instead of betting on Liverpool to beat Arsenal, we opt for a Liverpool / Liverpool in the “Half-time / Final” market… It goes up to 30.00! Well, go for it… Mistake! Don’t be blinded by the odds! Be content with winning 15$ per $ played, lest Balotelli scores the goal in the 60th minute and leaves you looking like a fool.

  • The higher the odds, the greater the risk

Congratulations, you’ll probably do well in life. I have no doubt that there is a place waiting for you on Wall Street, but don’t overdo it, because it could be your undoing. It’s one thing if you want to get rich from betting and show everyone how much you know about the sport, but don’t try to achieve success too quickly, because your venture will usually end in failure.

Don’t be too ambitious. Too high odds are usually synonymous with defeat.

It is also important not to try to increase your winnings by gambling more money than is advisable. Gambling a considerable sum of money on a betting combination is a risk that may not be a good idea to take. Think about the fact that you are already tempting fate by trusting that all your picks are correct… Is it worth increasing the risk?

  • Don’t bet on just one competition

Don’t focus on a single tournament because your chances of losing will multiply. This advice does not apply if you are one of those who have won the betting pool several times. In that case, go ahead and focus on one league and keep on winning. However, for the vast majority of mortals, getting all the matches in a single competition right is practically impossible.

So what’s the solution? Diversify. Take a sweep through the different tournaments. If we’re talking about Football, look at the First Division, Second Division, foreign leagues… If you think about it, you have control of more tournaments than you think, and you’re sure to find several interesting matches to put together your combination without having to push your knowledge and guessing skills to the limit.

  • Be well informed before betting

Before placing your accumulator bet for today, it is very important to be well informed. Study the form of the teams, the highs, the lows, the winning or losing streaks… Even the most reliable teams go through bad times, and even the strongest teams have rivals or stadiums that resist them despite being inferior on paper.

Sideliners, rotations… you have to pay attention to the details in order to be able to make the right predictions in your accumulator betting.

Consider every parameter before adding a match to your accumulator bet: Bayern have almost won the league, they play away and on Wednesday they have the Champions League quarter finals? Maybe it’s not a good idea to include it in your accumulator. The normal thing is that they win, of course, but… what if Guardiola decides to rotate and the players have their minds on Europe? Well, that’s just it…

  • Diversify markets

Variety is the spice of life. Being able to choose between almost 100 markets in most of the big events (result, intervals, handicap…) why not take advantage of it in our favour? Some matches are complicated when it comes to making combined betting predictions. We know that you were perfectly in control of what was going to happen in the Clásico or Madrid-Atlético, but let’s not fool ourselves, the 1X2 of those games was an excessive risk for any accumulator. However, what was foreseeable was that both teams would score…

So, you have to look for the advantage, and taking your time to choose the right markets can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to placing your accumulator bet.

  • Leave a predictable prediction until the end

Sometimes, less is more. Imagine that the accumulator is going well. You have all the predictions for the accumulator bets correct and you only have one game to go to make a full house. At this point you have to decide: go all the way with your intuition, or sacrifice part of your possible winnings to minimise damage in case the bet falls through at the last moment.

Counter betting’ can be the key to minimising losses or securing winnings on a combination bet.


How do we do this? We ‘counter bet’. What is that? Easy, we simply bet against ourselves. For example, if we have chosen the Madrid win option, we can bet on the Double Chance against Los Blancos, so we will be covered against the possible surprise. But be careful, this is only profitable if the odds of the option we choose to bet against are high, as the idea is not to invest too much, remember that Plan A is still the same… Win the pool.

That’s why we advise you to choose an easy match to win as the last one. This way we can counter bet at a high odds without investing a significant amount.