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10 facts you didn’t know about Blackjack, the most addictive game in the casino

There’s no doubt about it, Blackjack is one of the most popular games in land-based and online casinos – everyone loves it! Despite this, we’d wager that you know very little about it, so while you’re enjoying it in this quarantine, here are 10 facts about 21 that will surprise you.


It is not known exactly where the game originated, but some historians believe it was born in 16th century France, where it was known as Vingt et un (twenty-one in French).

The first record of 21 is in Rinconete y Cortadillo, a work by Miguel de Cervantes that was published in 1613.

It is assumed that the name came about because one of the biggest prizes in American casinos was awarded when the hand contained an AS of spades and a black Jack (also known as a Jack), i.e. a Black Jack.

Nowadays most casinos consider 21 and Blackjack to be the same game (some even call it 21 Blackjack). However, in the past they were not the same.

According to various sources, 21 was one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s favourite games. This is not entirely surprising, as “His Imperial Majesty” was already known as a lover of gambling and betting.

The hand that totals 16 points is considered to be the worst in the game. The funny thing is that, out of fear, many people stand up when they have this score. Our advice is to split it or take the risk and ask for another card.

The card shoe, which is the small box in which the decks of cards used to play Blackjack are placed, began to be used with the intention of avoiding card counting. It can hold up to eight decks of cards.

Blackjack in Casino

The truth is that the dealer does have a bit more of an advantage in the game. Why? For the simple fact that you’re always going to ask for your cards first. If you bust, you automatically lose and he doesn’t even have to draw any more, he just keeps the bet. You just have to be smart enough to prevent this from happening.

Some casinos offer you the possibility to bet on the dealer. Seriously! While playing you could also bet that the house will draw Blackjack on their next move. This doesn’t mean that if you lose on purpose you will win, in fact you should play, bet and take risks as usual.

The odds of going over 21 when you hit another card are greater than 50% since you have 14 points, but if you don’t hit again you are much more likely to be beaten by the dealer.

Now that you know all this, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have fun with the many Blackjack options we have at our Casino and become an expert at this game.