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10 tips from poker pros to maintain a healthy lifestyle

As with other professions and habits such as sport, poker is a discipline that requires a great deal of preparation in order to reach an optimal level as a professional player. The stars of the mental game, as it is considered by many, know that they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, where both mind and body are in a comfort zone. This is the only way to achieve good results. Many of our most loyal Diamond Club members follow these guidelines and apply them to their daily lives. And that’s where their numbers are good.

Of course, there are also players who do not follow the guidelines that we are going to see below and manage to reach the top. They are wonders who have developed a skill for the cards that no alternative lifestyle can stop. But not all poker players can be the same. On our Team there is diversity too, although there really is a consensus that a favourable lifestyle offers more guarantees of success.

Take care of your diet

And among those vital things is your diet. The poker player needs to motivate his body to be able to endure the long tournament sessions and for this the diet is fundamental. Too much will be a problem, too little will be a problem. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are recommended, as they will not only give energy to the body but also a mental agility that is essential. But overdoing it is not good either, the diet must be varied. Federica Trombetta, personal coach, explains it very well in her book “Poker on a diet”, in which she highlights how poker can be used to eat a healthy diet and vice versa. A book to keep in mind to motivate yourself.

Physical exercise

Of course, absorbing nutrients is not the only thing that we are going to take into account in poker. We also need to eliminate those that are not necessary, and this is done through physical exercise. Poker involves many hours sitting in front of a monitor or at a table next to your opponents. This makes it essential to do sport to leave behind toxins and elements that the body does not need. It is not necessary to have a gym body, just to move regularly.

Eliminating vices

For these two things to work, there is another element that is directly connected to them and that is vices. Alcohol, tobacco or added sugars are best left aside. The body will suffer if, in addition to the efforts involved in playing poker and dedicating oneself professionally to it, we make efforts to tolerate these things. Everyone needs to indulge, but with caution and without the indulgence becoming routine.

Switch off

But it is not only the body that needs to lead a good life in poker, but also the head. Switching off is a fundamental activity. Many poker players who have their work at home don’t manage to have moments when they don’t think about it. That exhausts our brain and makes it not perform at 100% as we need it to. Poker should be combined with other things.

Exercising the mind

And since we are focusing on the brain, it is good to do mental exercises that put it to the test on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be about poker specifically, it can be something on the side that helps your memory, your decision-making skills and your ability to withstand pressure.

Be consistent

And of course combine it with constant and daily training, because nobody is born learned and we can always realise something new that we were not aware of.

Psychological support

And if all this does not lead to good mental health, do not be afraid of the support of a psychologist. If we do not understand the problem we are having or why our performance is not optimal despite the fact that we are doing everything right, there are people willing to help us, and in the world of poker, which is so closely related to psychology, even more so.

Managing your money well

Even those who are already able to win good money will have to take into account the management of their stack. Not only in poker as such, but also in everyday life. Character also plays a big part in the game of poker and our abilities will be reflected at the tables.

Define a proper strategy

If you are going to participate in some of the tournaments, make sure you have this in order and apply a personal strategy that is in line with what you want to achieve. The way to be happy with yourself is to set realistic goals and be able to achieve them.

Take it easy

And another fundamental aspect is that all this should be done progressively. We will not be able to change overnight, changes take time. Perseverance and hard work, the key to poker.