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Poker variations ideal for beginners

For players who want to get started in the world of poker, and who intend to make it a long-lasting one, there are a number of things to take care of. The first is to learn something as basic as the rules and hands of poker. This is essential to be able to manage your moves well. Strategy is not something that should be left behind either, as it is also key to know in which scenarios to go stronger, in which ones to go softer, to know when to lose and to know when to win and why. But strategy depends on the kind of poker variant we play, and this is also something to keep in mind.

There are many poker variants. The most famous is Texas Holdem, and not just because of the history behind it, but because it is the one selected by the majority of live and online tournaments around the world and across the worldwide online poker network. 

Texas Holdem itself

Although Texas Holdem is a variant of the game in which psychology and the representation you make of yourself over others at the table are very important, it is the most played variant in the world and that makes it essential to learn it. There are players who prefer to focus on other poker games first and then move on to this version, however, there are many others who argue that growing up with Texas Holdem is a benefit that will pay off in the future. And there may be some truth in that, beyond the game itself.

A game that at the live tables is generally slow and that helps the beginner to process much better what is happening at any given moment. A much more dynamic and faster variant can make the user go through the game as if it were nothing, without knowing too much about the hands and using simple intuition. In Texas Holdem there is time to think about the opponent’s move and what you would do if you were in his place. It is a simple and straightforward version, with only two cards, and everywhere you go you will find it. Be it a tournament, a casino or an online gaming platform.

5 Card Draw Poker

The 5 Card Draw Poker variant is probably the one that every poker related player has played at one time or another. Even those who are not directly related to the game may have played it at some point in their lives. Five cards in the player’s hand and they are your trump card for the entire game, beyond the discards with bets being made. A game that depends even more on fortune, but which is perfect for learning. Even for memorising cards, moves or the hands of the game.

The player has total control over the cards in his hand and does not have to keep an eye on the cards in the centre of the table, as in Texas Holdem. The absence of community cards removes some of the hassle of having to concentrate on your opponent’s possible outs, although that also makes 5 Card Draw Poker a much more unpredictable game. The player must be guided by the betting round and trust their five cards to be the strongest in the game. More mechanical and preferred by many players who are just starting out.

Fixed Limit Holdem

And in order to learn a little more about strategy and how the game really works, the Fixed Limit Holdem variant is not to be underestimated. A version where the bet amount is limited, unlike other No Limit games where anything goes. This means that the beginner player cannot go over the limit, nor can the other players. Therefore, you are assured of being able to play several hands and not go broke as soon as you start. Fixed Limit will keep you out of reach of the biggest sharks at the tables.

So, little by little, you’ll get practice with the strategy and the rounds become much more interesting. It’s true that your winnings won’t be spectacular either, but for any amateur player the key should be to loosen up. For those who have a bit more of a “tie-up” mentality and don’t want to feel exposed in every hand, it’s a very good option.

There are many others like these, all with their own specialities. It is difficult to say if one is better than another because it depends on the player, but they can be categorised by small levels.