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The longest poker games in history

Despite the fact that poker is a mental sport that exhausts both physically and psychologically anyone who is professionally dedicated to it, in the history of this game we can find true madmen capable of playing for a long time continuously. Neither the pressure of the rest of the players at the table, nor the danger of becoming tilted, nor the risks of being able to register big losses in very long games. None of that can stop the real sharks of live and online poker. We recommend that you watch out for them in our online tournaments, as they can leave you without a stack in a matter of seconds.

However, as anecdotes to tell, they go from being real sickos to heroes capable of giving up everything for what they love. To get to know these intrepid characters you have to know the longest games in the history of poker. Those that have been recorded as such and have been established as current world records. But you also have to remember those that the books don’t talk about and that were historic, even if to take them into account you have to make an effort to believe in the legend that surrounds them. And if you feel the danger, or the desire, that this could happen to you on our platform, don’t worry because in our software everything is under control. All you have to do is choose the tournament of your choice.

The verified games

To find the longest poker games in history we can consult the Guinness Book of Records. It is the document that can best enlighten us on this subject. And in its pages we find the game played by the Irishman Phil Laak at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The professional player, also a naturalised American citizen, set himself the challenge of beating the previous record and reached his limits in 115 consecutive hours of poker. For nearly six days, the state of Nevada came to a standstill as the WSOP and WPT champion made history in one of the most iconic casinos in the gambling city.

Laak only rested for five minutes after every hour played and allowed himself the luxury of sleeping for a total of 30 minutes. The best part is that the money he won playing Texas Holdem was donated to a foundation for seriously ill American children. The Dublin native beat the previous 72-hour record set six years earlier in 2004 at Foxwood Casino. There was even a Paul Zimbler record of more than 78 hours that had not been officially recorded, but was considered by many fans to be the record until Laak appeared on the scene.

On the other hand, the record for the longest non-continuous poker game was set by American Johnny Moss and Greek Nick Dandolos back in 1949 at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino, also in Las Vegas. The two professional players engaged in a head-to-head that lasted five months, only it was not continuous. The pair used to rest every four or five days, although in reality they hardly slept at all. And so it was until Dandolos ended an eternal game in which he was the worst off.

The two players tried their hand at all sorts of alternative poker games, beyond traditional Texas, and faced many ups and downs in their winnings. Moss amassed approximately $2 million by the end of the game, in what seemed like a game that would give life and a green light to the creation of a world poker series.

The game that is a “matter of faith”

Today poker has a high profile and more and more media outlets are telling stories about the sport. Even live tournament poker hands can be seen on television and online poker games on platforms such as Twitch. Obviously this has not always been the case and in centuries past there were only the stories that were spread by word of mouth among the public. That is why this game that we are going to see below is not an official record. It is a legend that we can consider when talking about the longest games of all time.

In the basement of the Bird Cage Theatre in the city of Tombstone, a game was established between former card players that lasted 8 years, between 1881 and 1889. Very wealthy businessmen of the time played there and they would not stop playing for more than a few minutes so that there was always someone at the table betting. There are no official documents to back it up or reliable sources to serve as witnesses, but many prefer to keep this record as the most important of all. Which one do you prefer?